Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Story Time, Stride Rite, and Rice Krispie Treats

Have I mentioned how much I love Story Time at the library?  I am pretty sure I have because I really do.  I continue-- like, each week-- to be amazed and annoyed that I never took any of the other kids to Story Time.  It's basically a meat market for moms-- so many friend hook ups happening, but not really for me because I am by far the oldest person there, and Dorothy is one of the oldest kids-- or, she's the oldest kid without a baby sibling anyway.  But 5 or 10 years ago, I am sure I could have made a pack of mom BFFs.

This week after the library-- the theme of the day was boats, something Dorothy was not too jazzed about until she mad the craft, which was a cute little paper sailboat that she could"sail" on a blue butcher paper lake--we made the day even more fun by going shoe shopping.

Dorothy tried on every pair of shoes at Stride Rite, and I was really hoping she;d go with these machine washable (!!!!!) See Kai Run sandals.
Instead, she was literally jumping for joy to discover a pair of Phibians in her size
They match nothing she owns, which is awesome.
I think I bought too many cuties in my desire to eat healthy and lose weight. But, I mean, I could eat this entire basket and still be eating less than I was before the Whole30.
Speaking of eating, we made Rice Krispie treats, and they were all gone in like 4 hours.
I am in love with how seriously Cooper takes his work.  He's the sweetest. Also, Dorothy wore that headband all day, like it was NBD.


  1. Where did you get your amazing fruit basket? Our little basket just isn't doing the job anymore now that we eat three pounds of apples and five pounds of Cuties a week.

    We can also demolish a pan of rice crispie treats like it's our job.

  2. I loooooove See Kai Run's washable runners. They're amazing. They hold up INCREDIBLY well (C gets one pair each season and they last the whole season with near-daily wear).

    Which reminds me that I should probably wash C's current pair, except he wears them every day (they're the current shoe fave)...

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