Sunday, April 16, 2017

Easter Weekend, Part 1

 Even though I hate it when my alarm goes off at 5 am, I LOVE my quiet writing and coffee time every morning.  It really helps me face a busy, crazy, never-quite-getting-everything-on-my-to-do-list day.

Speaking of crazy busy, we went to the zoo on Wednesday WITH A PICNIC that the kids packed themselves, which was the cutest ever.

 The animals were really feisty.  In addition to these fighting bears, an orangutan slapped another orangutan in the face, and the prairie dogs were screaming and biting each other in the butt.  COOPER LOVED IT ALL.  I told the kids that the bears were probably just playing, and Dorothy said, "Maybe they are playing fighting family.  HAHAHAHAHA."
 Forgot to get a kid in the frame,  IT HAPPENS.
 Having a moment by the polar bears.
 They are all obsessed with the otters,a nd I love how Jack tied his shirt AROUND HIS NECK.
 Then!  Thursday!  We hopped in the car and went to visit my aunt and grandma and uncle in Des Moines.  We started our visit with an Iowa Cubs game, and it was FANTASTIC.  Cheap tickets, great merch, good terrible food, and a play ground for the kids.  Plus!  It was totally empty!

 Harry caught a shirt from the t-shirt gun.  There was also a hot dog gun, but I didn't see it in action because I was on the playground under the bleachers with the little kids. I asked if it was really messy because in my head, I pictured mustard and buns flying everywhere.  Everyone gave me withering looks and explained THEY ARE WRAPPED UP.  Oh.
 Cooper sang "Take Me Out to the Ballgame" the whole way there and then would only eat peanuts and cracker jacks for lunch, which was SO CUTE.  And then he said his lips and tongue were itchy, and I almost had a heart attack but they were just irritated from the popcorn salt (he ate that, too).

 Harry got a foul ball, and he has been carrying it around all weekend.  He also got second place in a pony race on the field before the bottom of the 4th-- jack raced, too, and it was adorable.  harry was winning until he fell off his bouncing inflatable pony.  Oops.
 My aunt met us at the game, and we ditched the fam in the 5th inning to go visit my grandma in her nursing home, which was lovely and clean and full of nice people but still not the place I wish I could visit her-- you know?
 HOTEL POOL makes everything better.

 Then my aunt brought us Tai food and wine, and we ordered the kids a pizza, and we hung out by the hotel pool until far after kiddy bedtime.

 Ben almost died from his ballgame sunburn.
 The next morning at the nursing home, my grandma was asleep when we got there, so everyone wrote her a note, but then we made so much noise giving them to her that she woke up, and we said goodbye.
 Dorothy enjoyed a donut as soon as we got to my parents' house, and I enjoyed making the drive from Iowa to Pekin that we made a million times when I was a kid.
 Cooper, hiding.
 Harry's first Ding Dong, a momentous occasion.
 I made this "lovely" cake for Jack;s birthday today FROM SCRATCH.
 Oh!  And Cooper and my mom finally saw April's calf be born, and they have been checking in via web cam since the dramatic birth.
Ok.  About to deal with some very exciting EATSER BUNNY ACTION.  Stay tuned for Part 2...

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