Monday, April 10, 2017

Grown Up Furniture

 Ben's parents sold their house and are moving to Florida, so look for our winter breaks to get about a thousand times better.  And!  Ben went to "help" them pack up.  WITH A U-HAUL.  And he came home with the best furniture ever.  Like the barstools the kids are sitting at above.

And this new table and chairs.
 While Ben unpacked and moved everything around AND coached his first Little League practice, the little 3 and I went grocery shopping and to the park.

Dorothy was in no mood for my nonsense because I moved her fire truck bed (that she has not slept in in over a year) out of her room in preparation for our neighborhood garage sale.  And she was really sad/mad.

 Jack can't pass up a good pull-up bar
 Swinging like a monkey cheered her up.

 This cuckoo clock is my very favorite new-to-us accessory. I think that bunny and bird are dead, felled by those twee wooden rifles.  Cooper waited all day yesterday for the clock to cuckoo and managed to always miss it.  And then he started crying about missing it, and that's how we knew it was bedtime.
 Dorothy's room is so much bigger without a bed. Also, who needs a bed when you have a giant unicorn.  Also also, I didn't take a picture but I moved her play kitchen and shopping cart and bin of play food in there.  ALSO BETTER THAN A BED YOU NEVER SLEEP IN.  (She bunks with Cooper-- by choice. I mean, it used to be by choice, but now she doesn't have a bed).
 This is what she put on to go play.  LOVE IT.
 I took pics of the room when we finally assembled it.  Seriously, you guys. How have I lived the last 5 years without bar stools?
 Love this table-- it's longer and narrower than our last one and fits even better in our space.
 We always had a table here, but this one is way better and I can put our tray of random junk in the drawers, so no one has to see it!
 Love this book shelf.  I made sure to make it really messy so it looks like it's always been here. (The bottom 2 shelves are library books.  I am currently behind in my reading, obvs.)
 Beatrix was a little freaked out that we moved her bed, but she adjusted.  Also pictured, a really cute little bench under the window (our couch is really awkward and we've never been able to figure out how to add another furniture piece to the room before), an iron thing above the window (like it so much I almost want to get curtains), a new lamp by the book shelf, and a new TV that Ben took off his parents' wall like a daytime burglar.
 Ben's mom also gave Dorothy a some teeny tiny china cups and saucers.  So I baked teeny tiny cookies, which was a good thing because her doll Kit (her current fave, the one who inspired her chic new bob) had a birthday today.  And the brothers were all good sports.

 Even though Cooper was pretty sure the dolls were going to come to life and kill us all.
Shout out to Ben's parents for the wonderful housewares.  We'll miss you, but it will be even more fun to visit you on the beach, and the kids are thrilled to have so many reminders of your  old house, and we are so excited to finally have grown up furniture.


  1. I'm sad to hear that Ben's parents are moving. Although more vacations in Florida sounds awesome, I know it will be hard on everyone to have them so far away for birthdays and holidays. Where did they move? They did leave some great furniture and accessories behind. My favorite is the dining table and chairs. It's beautiful.

  2. Ditto what Holly said! My favorite part is the way the iron piece over the window matches the dining chairs! Looks lovely!