Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Today started off great. And then.

Today had so much potential/

Dorothy was accessorized like mad for preschool.
 Jack baked his chocolate chip cherry cookies-- part of the dinner menu he planned from his new cookbook-- before school, meaning we would have time to go to a park after school.
 And his dinner plan sounded pretty delicious:
 (This was AMAZING).

 I achieved PONYTAIL NIRVANA-- seriously, this was a fabulous ponytail.
 We had a blast at the park and had the place to ourselves because it was drizzling and everybody else is a wimp.
 Dorothy requested a selfie where we made our scared faces.  And!  I went to the dentist yesterday after a 3 year absence (I have cavities.  Several.  Shut up) and my teeth are SO WHITE AND LOVELY. (My hygienist used a water pick, and nothing about my mouth is yellow and I LOVE IT.  Red lipstick here I come).
 We ate cookies in the rain.
 We even tried the Starbucks unicorn frappe.  (NOT IMPRESSED)
 Also, bedraggled.
 Jack's inner was AMAZING.
 I ate it aaaaaaaaaall.
And then.  Dorothy peed her pants.  Beatrix peed on Dorothy's floor.  My KitchenAid mixer whisk broke and I got potatoes all over my face and hair.  And Harry shoved Cooper on his big wheel and ended up ramming the handlebars into his nose, and Cooper came inside screaming and dripping blood everywhere and crying because he got punched in the face with a bike, and I screamed, too, when I saw him, which was as calming as you might imagine, and then Beatrix ate his blood off the floor so she's basically Cujo now.


As we drove home drinking our trendy drinks and blasting "Born This Way" with all the kids singing along and Dorothy chair dancing and all the windows down and the moon roof open, Harry suggested we all watch a move and snuggle after dinner, and I thought oh my gosh this day canNOT get any better.  AND BOY WAS I RIGHT.


  1. "So she's basically Cujo now." I laughed out loud at that clincher! I'm so sorry about the crap-tasticness! It IS the perfect pony though.

    What cookbook is that? It looks awesome!

  2. That last paragraph was EPIC. Some days, man, what are you gonna do?

    One of my professors in grad school likes to talk about the day his cat ate a big chunk of skin he lost in a roller hockey game, so.

  3. Your daughter is looking very very cute and sweet in the first picture. I have falled in love with her cuteness. The other images are also good, Its nice to see you and your kids are having fun. Beautiful blog