Monday, April 03, 2017


We went to Peoria for the weekend to attend a Bradley University Speech team, and it was LOVELY.  LOVELY.

My favorite moments were the ones with old friends where we were just sitting around and talking like we'd never been apart.  Ben and I picked up a friend at the airport on Saturday whom we haven't seen in a decade and it was like we just saw him the other day.  At lunch on Sunday, the kids and I sat around a table with a guy I haven't talked to on the regular since college, and the conversation progressed like we never missed a beat.  I love that.

Thursday night dinner, serious business.

 Huntley and Gizmo got a new dog toy.
 Bubble faces
 Oh my GOSH!  One of my very favorite college friends.  We were celebrating national not that kind of doctor day which we made up, obvi.
 Breakfast at our favorite greasy spoon.
 Cooper, losing his mind on the way to Monkey Joes.
 MONKEY JOE's!  The kids are always teased by commercials for this place even though we don't have one in town.  But Peoria does!

 Jumping was sweaty, so we had to go to Double D's, the best ice cream place ever.
 Back on campus!
 Hugest tenderloin ever.
 Jack, in a tree.
 We went to the bookstore, obvi.
 Cooper, Caleb, and Giz, resting.
 Dressed up for an alumni dinner.
 We were the speech team officers our senior year.  WE ARE SUPER AWESOME.
 Make new friends, but keep the old...
 Napping, sort of.
 I was SO HUNGOVER Sunday morning. Total MOTY.
 Lunch at our favorite bar.

And.  Now.

I am back on the Whole30.

**sad trombone**

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