Friday, April 07, 2017

Friday, Random Friday

Today is the kids' last day of school before spring break (and their spring break is our OMFG how do we work with all of these kids everywhere week since we had our real break a couple of weeks ago), and I have 901 words left to go on my weekly word count and the house is a mess and I am a mess and I have to go get them in one hour and 15 minutes and I haven't worked out yet.

So, naturally, a blog.

Can you believe she picked this Cubs headband, velvet dress, faded leggings, and dirty shoe combo herself?  And bonus:  she is not a fan of having her hair brushed right now.
Dorothy has finally been playing with her AG dolls, and I LOVE IT.  I will drop anything and help her dress them, even.  She expresses her on point fashion decisions for them, too.

Today was crazy hair day at the big boys' school, so Dorothy wanted to join in as well.  How could I resist?
And then when I posted this photo on FB, this happened:

Speaking of mini-Bens, Jack took selfies when he was supposed to be taking a pic of Harry, which is a TOTAL BEN MOVE
I sprayed their hair in the little kids' bathroom an we were enveloped in a pink and orange cloud, and Dorothy said, ala Ralph Wiggum, "I can taste it," and I thought that I probably should have done the whole thing outside.  Oops.

This is why you should buy your 10-year-old an iPhone.  This whole exchange, from the random South America weather radar screen shot to the last request, is adorable.

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