Thursday, April 06, 2017

POTY: The Podcast Where We Make Fun of Parents Like Us

I am really getting sick of my Wednesdays of All of the Things, but I am getting even more freaked out by the thought of them going away because it is almost the middle of April, and I am not done with all of the shit I wanted to be done with and Fall semester is LOOMING and I STILL haven't written the article I was so excited about writing in, say, NOVEMBER and this is why people thank grants and other kids of funding that let them do nothing but WRITE ABOUT SHIT in the acknowledgments of the shit they have written.  GAH.

I am just not ready for summer.  And!  This summer, I have to make better choices.  NO MORE DAY DRINKING.  And I HAVE to sit in the damn shade at the pool.  This one is tough because Dorothy needs a smidge of water supervision (HYPERBOLE, SHE NEEDS A LOT), and the shady area blocks my view.

But, anyway, Wednesdays are getting easier, just in time for Little League to start and screw everything up because Ben is realizing his dream of being a general manger for Harry's team.  He had his draft last night, and it was basically the most important day of his life.  My dad gave him an Under Armour jumpsuit perfect for coaching these first few chilly games, but I need to buy him a a pair of polyester coaching shorts and a whistle ASAP.  You know the shorts I mean?  Bright colors, an inexplicable button at the (high) waist that your gym coach probably wore with a shite t-shirt tucked in?

Of course, Wednesdays are getting easier for me to deal with just in time for our schedule to totally change, but that's always how it goes, right?

Cooper, for example, packs his bag of toys that he takes to dance class and his snack and a  snack for Dorothy and water bottles for both of them without even being asked on Wednesday mornings.
 Dorothy got to try on her hip hop costume yesterday.  She might like it more than her ballet costume.  (TWO COSTUMES.  THIS RECITAL.  EXPECT SO MANY PICTURES).
 I asked the kids if they knew who was on the cover of this magazine, and Jack said Taft because he is HILARIOUS.
 Also, he can cross his eyes.
I have a sad story about taking the kids to see The Boss Baby, but instead of telling you about it here, you can listen to me tell it on our new podcast!

We are 2 episodes in, and it's basically like if this blog was an audiobook.

You can listen to us in iTunes:

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One more link, this one sad and unrelated to podcast business specifically.  I am on Madison Moms Blog today talking about my miscarriage.

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  1. I've now listened to both eps and have really enjoyed them! So you do have ONE listener (now that your mom has stopped listening ;) )!