Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Still siiiiick

Ugh. I have a terrible cough/sore throat/cold.  No fever, though, which is good.  And which also means I haven't really been able to take a sick day.  Although I did miraculously sleep until 7:30 this morning, right through the noise of the kids waking up and laundry starting and the dog being walked, etc.

I have largely abandoned waking up at 5 to work out, but that's something that I have to revisit tomorrow because Harry has a doctor's appointment during preschool hours, so I need to be dressed and ready to go by 8:15.  I had a few weeks in a row with that kind of schedule on Mondays and Wednesdays and Fridays (but the little kids don't have preschool on Mondays-- it's just that sometimes our weekends fill up so fast that I have to be on my game by 8:15 Monday morning to grocery shop or grade for my online adjunct classes or run other thankless errands with the little kids in tow), but I balanced things out by being a total sloth on Tuesday and Thursdays and barely going to work before it was tome to go home.

Then I had a few weeks in a row where I got up crazy early (4:48 some days) EVERY DAMN WEEKDAY.  I was super productive but generally too crabby by Fridays.

For the past 2 weeks, I have been not scheduling anything in the mornings and getting up at 6:30 when the kids do and going about my shit and then working out when everyone goes to school. And if Dorothy and Cooper don't have school, they play in the basement and I still log 60 plus minutes.

But!  I cannot do that anymore because of the doctor's appointment tomorrow morning and because of Dorothy.

See, she thinks that when she grows up I am going to grow down and be the baby. And she tells me things like "When you are the baby and I am the mommy, I will go to work and you will stay home and you will cry but I will come back."  Or "When I am the mommy and you are the baby, I will comb you hair."  Or "When I am the mommy and you are the baby, I will read stories and you count the pictures."   Today, though, she said, "When I am the mommy and you are the baby, I will work out and you will play in the basement and I will say leave me alone."


So, I will be worked out, showered, dressed, and making breakfast with an apron (which is what I do on the days I have to get up early because damn those kids are messy) when she opens her baby blues at 6:30 am.

Right now, though, I am breaking my no alcohol on weeknights policy instituted after a summer of day drinking caused me to reach pregnancy weight (I mean, first trimester, but STILL) to have a hot toddy because I am siiiiiiick.


  1. Love this. Get well soon!

  2. Summer day drinking ground to a halt for me after I fell trying to lean on one hand and jump into the pool on Labor Day. Fell hard on my forearm - swelling, scratches, embarrassment, so that was that. Boo.