Wednesday, November 11, 2015

I should be reding right now. Or grading essay exams.

Yesterday, I had a meeting after work with some PTO presidents from around town and our city's school superintendent. I was in a big hurry getting ready for work because I needed to do some errands and still land in my office by 9 because of the tremendous amount of work I had (still have a lot. Grading never ends). So I spent all day with my hair in a terrible bun and decided to flat iron it at work before I left. I thought that was kind of funny so I took a pic:
Which took me so long that I singed off a bunch of hair. I feel like there's a vanity lesson in there somewhere. 

You guys! So many library holds came in today: 
And here's my read-aloud-to-the-kids stack:
So I gotta go read. Obvi. 

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