Wednesday, November 04, 2015

Dorothy again, not that she's my favorite. It's just that she's MY ONLY GIRL.

Tonight, Dorothy was playing with a Ninja Turtles phone, and she told Ben, "I'm going to call your grandma."

He said, "You mean my mom?"

Dorothy was confused.

"My mom is your grandma," he explained.  "And she's my mom."

Dorothy thought about this for a few seconds.  "Ok," she said seriously.  She picked up her phone and said, "Hello, Daddy's mom and my grandma."

She kills me.

I LOVE finding tiny high heels on the kitchen counter.
 I LOVE how ratty her Disney dress up dresses are because she wears them like real clothes so we have to wash them like real clothes because news flash-- preschoolers are MESSY

And Dorothy and Cooper have the SWEETEST relationship.  By the end of the day, they are fighting in the tub, but that's only because they are completely inseparable the other 12 hours they spend together.  When Dorothy is upset because she can't make a Barbie fit in her car or she can't open a door or find her milk, Cooper is RIGHT THERE to give her a hug.  If she cries for any reason, he cries, too, just because he doesn't want her to be sad.  He'll generally play any game she wants to play and will let her join any game of his creation, and he'll help her build a car with mega blocks anytime she asks.  He gets pissed when she rips apart his train tracks, but I mean.  He's only human.
I know this is blurry but it helps show off the completely awesome braids we had going on today. Thanks to the huge box of ribbons Bomma brought me, I can match any outfit with bows these days, too.
 But seriously.  The Swiss Miss braids are winners, huh?

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  1. Is Dorothy singing in that last picture? If yes, why don't we have a video?