Monday, November 23, 2015

iPad Overload

Before we went on vacation, I loaded up all 4 iPads with EXACTLY the same content.  And you know what?  The kids STILL fought over them.

So tonight, I have spent 2 frustrating hours erasing them all and customizing the sneuxflakes' options in anticipation of our (hopefully) quick drive to my parents' on Wednesday.

Harry just has Minecraft, a couple of football games, Five Nights at Freddy's, Angry Birds, and his school's library app that allows him to check out books from school and our city library system.  He also has a ton of podcasts and his ear buds.

Jack has all those games plus a host of LEGO games and some of the pretend games the babies love like Pet Salon and My Play Home and some math facts games.

Cooper likes FNAF, Angry Birds, and Minecraft, in addition to Bits Board, recommended by his speech therapist, and some licensed character games.

Dorothy LOVES the character games, as well as coloring pages, alphabet games, and all of the Frozen apps she can fit on a screen.

And I?  AM TOTALLY SICK OF MESSING WITH THE KIDS' IPADS. (I also took them all to the library after school, so everyone has fresh books, too).

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  1. You're so good. I'm a dumbass and confiscated Eli's Kindle indefinitely a week before our not-so-quick trip to my folks.