Thursday, November 26, 2015

Really really really really really fun Thanksgiving

We have had SO MUCH FUN so far this long weekend.  I think it's because our kids have finally reached the age where they can get off their schedules and not be huge cranky assholes.  Although the nap Dorothy took during The Good Dinosaur probably helped.  (I stayed at my parents/ house and cooked with my mom, which I think was better than the movie).

Anyway, we kicked off the trip with pizza at my all time favorite pizza place, the place where my friends and I went after every junior high dance.
Then we kept the junior high vibe alive and went to the ROLLER RINK!  And we made all the kids get old school skates instead of blades and had a total blast.

After we put all the kids to bed, Ben and I went to my favorite bar from back in the day for a quick drink:

We did our best to wear the kids out all morning and took advantage of the weather with 2 park trips and a front yard football game

And then today was full of cute cousins and perfect food.  I am full of vodka, champagne, cookies, cheesecake, and a million other staples.  I have more pics than the ones below, but my phone died because I am so addicted to 2048.  But still, we had an awesome Thanksgiving, and I hope you did, too:

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