Tuesday, November 03, 2015

Hurricane Dorothy

Dorothy is like living with a cartoon.  A loud, intense, sometimes angry cartoon.  Everything she does is in caps-lock.  Here she is this morning CRACKING AN EGG, for example.  AND REALLY CONCENTRATING.

She asked Ben last night if she could have eggs for breakfast and if she could help make them.  Well, maybe asked is the wrong word.  She informed Ben he would be making eggs for breakfast and that she would be helping.  "I want to cwack the eggs," she told him.  As soon as her sweet blue eye opened this morning, she screamed, "Daddy!  Comme get me!  I weady to cwack the eggs!"  When Ben came to open her door, she went straight to the bathroom and grabbed her stool. "I get my stool!" she shouted at us, as if we didn't see her banging it down the hall.  "I weady to cwack the eggs!"

And now, let's just take  a moment to realize how totally FUCKED we all are when she learns how to open doors.

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