Friday, November 20, 2015

Life today

 Cooper had homework and was pretty excited about it.  He's studying firefighters, and he had to walk through our house and find all of our fire safety tools.  He was super excited to have homework.

I also spent $1 at target on some glittery Christmas stickers, and they kept him busy for 26 minutes.  #winning.
 Dorothy played with the Funfetti frosting container for about the same amount of time.  Have you ever read the ingredients on that stuff?  DON'T.
 OMG.  After living in a totally bare room for YEARS, we bought tables like a year ago.  And now we have PUT THINGS ON THEM.  We suck so hard at decorating.  But look!  Lamps!

 It's like we're almost grownups.

OMG again-- we totally lost Dorothy yesterday afternoon.  NO ONE knew where she was!  We were freaking out, wondering if we heard the alarm go off (it beeps whenever anyone opens the door which is annoying, but if we have toddlers that we sometimes lose, we need the beeps).

Finally, we found her:

 Ready for practice (LOL)
 We took Jack to Cub Scouts last night, and Cooper sneaked his paci in his pocket.  he was super proud of himself.
 Cooper was the only kid up for more than an hour this morning, and he helped me make tube cinnamon rolls (we are on a nutritional roll, obvi).

 He totes loved them:
 Lady Mary Ben took to his bed to grade papers.
 What a coincidence!  I AM ALSO THANKFUL SHE'S A GIRL. #feminism
 We are getting a huge snow storm tonight, and I scrambled to make sure everyone has appropriate winter wear
 She likes to play pantsless with Boots and Dora on her bookshelf.  But who doesn't?

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