Friday, November 13, 2015

No schoooool-- not as bad as I feared.

We had a fun day!

The kids slept until after 7, which meant I did, too. We had pumpkin waffles and bacon (I KNOW) for breakfast. The kids left me mostly alone for a whole hour so I could work out. When I cleaned up the boys' room Harry told me how awesome his friend Tommy's room is and when I pressed for details it turns out that the coolest thing is that Tommy has a desk and pencil holder in his room. So I showed Harry how to search the IKEA website, and he and Jack both found desks and used a measuring tape and washi tape to mark their footprints on the floor. And they found desk chairs. And now we have a fun winter break room makeover project. 
 After lunch we all went ice skating which was SO FUN. Mostly because a friend of mine showed up and asked me why Dorothy and Cooper weren't using these awesome seal walker/rider things. I immediately struggled off the ice and rented a couple. Best $8 I've ever spent. I have bruises on both ankles, though, from the half hour I spent bent over and wobbly trying to hold Dorothy up pre-seal. 

 And then a quick hot chocolate at a Starbucks we couldn't even all sit together at because it was PACKED with people who looked askance at children even though Starbycks is pretty much the McDonalds of coffee. 

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  1. Would it be too embarrassing for an adult to use the seal? That's the only way I could go on the ice.