Monday, November 16, 2015


 Ben had his annual speech tournament this weekend, and the kids and I went to campus to "help"

Dorothy had a kickass awesome time coloring on her face, obvi
Sometimes we act like we like each other:
 When Ben got home from the tournament, he and I went out with friends to celebrate a 40th birthday, hence the party bus.
 One of our friends had an applesauce in her purse.  And a wipe.
 We pretended to be undergrads and had a fishbowl.  Thank god I saw no students.

 On Sunday, we took advantage of the awesome 60-degree weather to do the stuff we won't be able to do again until, oh, APRIL.  Like clean the backyard and the van and put up Christmas lights.  Ben found a lot of balls.  Ha!

 I sorted out all of the hockey gear and WASHED everything
 And was told by a coach's wife that Harry's skates are too big.  So, we all went to the hockey supply store for a new round of skates (Harry's were 4 SIZES TOO BIG)
 I found all of these beverages IN THE DAMN VAN
 This is my plan to keep the hockey bags less gross.  Everyone has a laundry bag for their velcro shorts, their socks, and their jerseys (and Harry's hair cover thing that he uses to keep his hair out his eyes), and they'll put their shit back in those bags, and then every week or so, I will throw it all in the wash.  Because OMG the smell when we unzip their bags is... indescribable.

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