Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Stuck up here

Yesterday while I was running around like a crazy person, (Because that's what happens to me EVERY MONDAY-- I start out having a fairly leisurely morning-- as leisurely as a morning can be with 4 kids who want a from-scratch breakfast and don't always want the same thing and need to walk the dog and get ready for school, etc-- and then I realize that the big boys get out of school at 1:50 and need me to help them do a week's worth of homework in 50 minutes before Ben gets homes and tags me out and I rush out the door to work because we do all the week's homework on early-release Mondays except their daily reading logs which don't really feel like homework because who DOESN'T read everyday anyway because we have so many sports practices that we don't have time for homework any other day of the week and by the time I remember this anew even though it happens every freaking Monday, it's already like 11 and the house is a pigsty and I am still in my sweaty workout wear and the laundry isn't put away yet and of course I have to run around like a crazy person to fit a whole morning's worth of work into one tiny hour before the lunch mess begins)** I heard a little voice saying, "Mommy!  Mommy!  I'm stuck up here."

She didn't sound too concerned, so I wasn't either, and I kept puttering around at top speed (which sounds like something that doesn't happen, but it explains the way I move on Mondays really well.  I am sorted of distracted and aimless but urgent at the same time.  Actually, I feel like this describes how I have been living lately.  I swear I JUST got the new Scarpetta book from the library, but I got a notice that's it's due tomorrow, which means I have lost about 2 weeks of November to warp speed puttering.  Gah.) figuring when I brought her pile of tiny pink fluffy laundry to her room to put away, I would see what she was talking about.

She was saying very seriously, "Tap clap," which sounds more like "tap cwap" and was indeed tapping her legs and clapping her hands before launching into "who stole a pumpkin from the pumpkin patch" with all of her classmates' names.  I wish y default response to these things was VIDEO not just a picture.  It;s something I'll work on for sure.

**Extreme  run on sentence because I thought it would help you feel how Mondays collapse on me like a freaking avalanche-- but a totally distracted one that still somehow means business.

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