Sunday, October 31, 2010

Treated OUT

zOMG the boys got SO MUCH CANDY! It may not look like that much in the above photo, but that's only because Harry hadn't dumped his out yet.
We tried ringing a few doorbells in our 'hood, but nobody answered-- not even the people we could see sitting at their kitchen tables WITH THEIR PORCH LIGHTS ON.

So we headed out with some friends of ours in a gorgeous neighborhood near their house.

And the kids had a great time, but I couldn't shake off the feeling that I was a huge poser T-o-Ting where I don't live because my neighbors are meanies. It made me wish we were renting our house instead of owning it so we could move to a family friendly neighborhood already.

I remember how happy and proud we were when we bought this place, but we didn't think that we'd still be here more than 3 and a half years later. We figured we would have way outgrown the place by now. And we have. But here we sit.

Even though I seriously love candy, Halloween stirs up my jealousy like no other because it's all about the one thing we really don't have-- a neighborhood. This is an especially big bummer in this town where people are so loyal to their neighborhoods they name them and very seriously refer to them by name.

And really, I am just being a baby. Because my chocolate stained babies had a great time.


  1. I hear you... our apartment community is crap, and can't wait to move to an actual neighborhood hopefully this winter.
    The boys look great in their costumes! Yay for all that candy!

  2. We weren't home tonight to hand out candy, but when we got home, the street was PACKED! Most of the people on our street are grandparent-aged. Those that aren't tend to have elementary school-aged kids. So, there are a lot of "posers" on our street, as evidenced by the large number of cars!

    Hopefully you can sell your house soon so you can move. But, don't feel too bad about posing, as I think it is very common!

  3. After an awesome community experience in my neighborhood last year my sister brought all her friends over here to T-o-T, but it was really quiet this time. Maybe it's because it was on a Sunday this year? Not really the right day to party in your driveway all night, KWIM?

    I love the kids' dino costumes! Glad they had a great time!

  4. We have never really trick-or-treated in our own neighborhood. In Pekin, we went to Washington St. (duh) and then in DeKalb we lived in the apartment and had to travel a bit to find a neighborhood that wasn't filled with college students to trick or treat. Now, we go on base to do it.

    Love the dino costumes. We also got quite the haul and left overs from what I bought for the kids who showed up at our house while we were home. I'm making Evan take it all to work.