Thursday, October 14, 2010

iPhone Pictures: an Ode to Fall

Every year, I fall for fall.

Such promise in the end of blooms, the bewitching rustle of leaves, cold mornings and chilly evening winds that make me want to watch scary movies under a blanket.

Pumpkin spice lattes, personally chosen apples, the anticipation of spending a few months barefoot in my Uggs.

Halloween previews

Afternoon bike rides

Quiet mornings at our favorite park

Borrowing a sweatshirt to combat the playground chill because I told him it was cold but did he listen? No. because he doesn't listen to anything I say ever, no mater how many times I say it. "They" say if your preschooler refuses a coat, you should let them experience the cold so they'll make a better decision next time. But where were "they" when said preschooler took the sweatshirt off my back and left me shivering in my yoga pants and t? Also, that sweatshirt is not so very big on him. Not any bigger than the boys' XS REI fleece he's wearing today, which makes me think I could save a few bucks by buying myself outerwear in the boys' section.

Today, they even let me style their hair with a little product-- a fall fashion miracle.

Speaking of-- check out All Kinds of Pretty! There are some great new posts up, and this week we are launching a Fall Denim Guide!

Okay, I have a favor to ask you. Does anyone have a great recipe for adorable and healthy-ish Halloween treats? I need to bring something to Harry's Halloween breakfast at school, and my working mom guilt demands I make it from scratch and that it looks Halloween-y.


  1. Love the sweatshirt picture!!! Hilarious. I love fall too. You probably already knew that.

  2. I love that you got product in their hair! I'm always trying to get stuff into Izzy's hair to really accentuate her ringlets, but she never lets me.

    ps: Fall is my FAVORITE!! I am completely squee for fall

  3. I worked at REI for a year before grad school, and I bought stuff in the boys department all the time. The boys XL is about equivalent to the women's small/medium!

  4. Cute pics!

    We like making these monster hands for Halloween treats! Change of pace from cookies and cupcakes! ;)

    Happy Fall!

  5. I love their hair w/ product! One of the times we took E to the fancy kid's salon when we lived in LA, the woman cut it & then styled it w/ something called "SHORT, SEXY HAIR"--He was 2. But he looked fabulous.

    So funny that you & Harry can share clothes. I cannot wait to see the AKoP post where you go preschool-boy chic

  6. oh, and I can't vouch for these b/c I've never made them, but I'm planning to. With the whole wheat flour and honey instead of white sugar, I'm guessing they have to fall a little higher up on the healthy-o-meter than some other things out there--although, that probably means they aren't likely to be preschooler-approved.

  7. After reading the comments, I noticed one for FamilyFun, and I know they have great ideas. her eis one I found:

    And I wish Fall was more Fall around here. It is getting cooler so I can take the kids outside, but those leaf pictures make me wish leaves changed color and fell around here (well, a few do, but not many).

  8. Here is another cute recipe idea: