Saturday, October 30, 2010


This town makes a bigger deal out of Halloween than it does Christmas. I totally love it.

I am like the only parent I know who doesn't give a shit how much candy her kids eat on Halloween (because the way I see it, if you are concerned about your kids' diet 364 days a year, this day they can eat chocolate till they barf and you're golden) , so we've even already been Trick-or-Treating. All of our town's schools were closed for parent teacher conferences on Friday (even the preschools-- and my conferences were adorable), and downtown businesses had T-o-Ting all afternoon. Score!

Ben got to take the kids to school for their Halloween parades and class breakfasts. Here they are sans dino tops

Harry showing his stuff

School Jack, like real Jack only quieter

Today Harry even got to go to a costume birthday party

Tomorrow, we T-o-T for real, so I'll have many more pictures, I'm sure.


  1. Love the variety of costumes! Downtown trick or treating is such a great idea!!

    I have the same orange Vera Bradley, but in a slightly different shape. I feel so cool now that I know you have the same one!

  2. I loved the pictures, Sarah. Your guys are quite cute :)