Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Hey remember that picture-a-day thing?

Well, we did it almost. I mean I realize we still have to finish this month and skate through November and December (AKA the busiest months of the YEAR), but you guys? Almost everyday we remembered to take a picture. And the days we didn't take a family picture, we still took a snap of some random thing. But this effort has not been flawless. There have been some serious outtakes.

Like this one where my fat head is blocking a child

Or this one where Harry's fat head is doing the blocking

Or these.

We have lots of nearly headless breakfast shots, too.

I am actually wondering what the heck to DO with harry Times 365 after this year. Make it into a book? Take a picture a day in 2011? Not sure. Anybody done the blog-to-book thing? How did it work and what service did you use?


  1. So fun! I think the outtakes are the best part!

  2. I would make a book out of the pictures. You can print them small - using a program like Picasa to make a collage. Then you can either just put them in a photo album or (if you want to be crafty) make a little scrapbook.

    Hmmm... ideas for next year...

  3. I've done photo books with Shutterfly and it was super easy - but we use that to share photos with family so everything is already on there. Also only costs like $20 and they have specials all the time

  4. I love the picture a day thing... I'm inspired to try this for Baby Duck's first year... And, yeah, the outtakes are great!

  5. For Emmie 365, I made thumbnail pics and presented them in calendar format. My mom printed out each of the calendar pages and spiral-bound them. Cute! The calendar format is easy if you know HTML, if not, I can send you the code I used and you could tweak it to make the dates, etc. for 2010. Email me if you want it.