Friday, October 08, 2010

Excuses, excuses.

Ok, so, here's the thing. I am not usually a huge fan of the "zOMG, I am too busy to blog" posts because I am always like, "Dude. For real? You're blogging right now." But srsly. (I can't even find the time to spell out the word "seriously.")

This semester is killing me, and every time I feel like I maybe have my head above water, another thing comes up, and I am scrambling again.

Also, I feel totally overwhelmed by all the awesome TV options on my DVR right now-- it's like a part time job just to watch everything before it gets deleted for space reasons (because, you know, we need to record Little Bill all 57 times it's on everyday). And wouldn't that be an awesome part time job?

In my spare time, I have been reading novels. Voraciously. For awhile, I was going to the library, but I lost my last library book (!), so I haven't been back and am back to spending $12.99 a pop for instant iPad downloads. My current read is The Help (finally, right?-- it's awesome). I have also really loved If You Lived Here You'd Be Home Now and Room (Room was the best-- so creepy).

So, that's why you haven't seen me here or in the comments of your blog. Ugh. Sorry.

I took this picture right before I descended a hill and was chased by/ ran from wild turkeys on my way to observe a section of the course I direct. Such a pretty campus.

Harry and Jack love Panera so much that I aaaaalmost don't feel guilty about the number of times we have eaten there lately as midterm exams approach us. In the visit pictured below, Ben forgot to order the kids' salad and didn't want to interrupt dinner to go back and order it, but Harry was saying really loudly, "I really want my salad, Daddy. I love vegetables. Why won't you get me a salad?" so he pretty much had to go get it right away.

Jack's feet are rectangles.

I wish Jack looked like this right now:

Instead, last time I saw him, he was totally naked and quite distraught because he peed all over his Pillow Pet, whom he calls "Pooh Bear's Mom." I can hear him loudly climbing out of bed, stomping over to his bookshelf, knocking an armload of books to the ground, and stomping back to his bed. Over and over again. Luckily Harry fell asleep from sheer boredom when I was reading Frog and Toad to him on our bed, so he won't have to be Jack's roommate until our bedtime. I never should have let Jack take a nap after lunch, but he put down his spoon and said, "Me sleep now, mommy. No change pants. Me tired," and trotted up to his room where he grabbed an Olivia book and covered himself up. Can't really argue with that.


  1. Haha, salad. That's great! Charlie took a late nap today and it sounded like exactly the same thing was going on above me. Fantastic. Hope things calm down for you soon! I figured school was nuts when you disappeared.

  2. Oh my goodness, I loved "Help". Loved loved loved. I shall add the other 2 to my "to-read" list. (I have such a book problem.)

    Julia has randomly started taking naps again. But, she's still going to bed on time. Oh, and eating me out of house and home. She might, maybe, could be growing.

    And, no worries, there's no such thing as too much Panera!!!

  3. I feel you girl. Six sections? I should have fled in terror. One of these days I'll write my own detailed apology on my own blog, which I suspect is starting to collect cobwebs.

    Also, wild turkeys? WTF?

  4. Your Panera is my Noodles and Company. And I swear since the day last year that you told me about the Chinese Chop Salad, I've ordered it every single time. Love it. But I've never been to Panera....will have to try it.

    I am on the home stretch of The Help and have fallen in love with reading fiction again, as it's been awhile. Awesome read.

    Hope things slow down a bit for you....

  5. I haven't read the Help yet! I keep waiting for it to come out on paperback (I am SO cheap!!!) I have Room on hold for me at the library; so many people say it's amazing. Can't wait to read it!

    A Panera just opened up w/in walking distance of our house. I am going to be spending a LOT of time there.

    I hope things quiet down for you soon--for you and also b/c I selfishly like it when you write more often. :-)

  6. We will forgive the lack of blogging. I think we all go through those periods where other things take our "free" time.