Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Not even a little guilty

I planned to meet Jamie and the kids at the pool around 2 this afternoon. I thought I would hang out in my office working on my fall class for a couple of hours after my summer class got out and meet them in the parking lot at 2 sharp.

Instead, I met Ben for a quick lunch, swung by Walgreens for a thick style mag, and hit the pool deck by noon thirty, where I spent a blissful hour-and-a-half in the sun. By myself. Stretched out on a lounge chair. Like the first 28 summers of my life.

The last time I lounged by a pool like that was the day I went into labor with Harry, June 13, 2006. I spent everyday between the end of school and his birth sprawled in a chair by my apartment complex pool in a teeny bikini watching my stomach lurch and twitch as Harry moved inside it. He was always still when I went in the water, and I floated a lot that summer, my belly breaking pool's surface, the rest of me blurry and submerged. Looking back on that summer and the gluttonous solitude I took for granted, I should have stocked up on thrillers and laid off the dissertation research books. And possibly the milkshakes.

In other news, Jack: Exactly like Ben only shorter.


  1. I'm envious of that sunbathing time... sounds like heaven :) Funny how pool time changes once the kids arrive!

  2. zOMG, cutest pregnant lady EVER!

    i remember my single girl days lounging by the apartment complex pool every day of summer (biggest perk of being a teacher). Sigh. I knew I had it good--but I didn't know HOW good. LOL

  3. 36 weeks preggo and I too was floating poolside today. I cannot believe how great it feels to be in the water when you're at the finale. It makes me want a water birth now....but to lay out by yourself, yeah, I am so jealous!

  4. I never was one for laying out. But, alone time relaxing without any kids- priceless! I need some of that I think...

  5. Tripod7:13 PM

    Such a great day! You guys work HARD! You certainly deserve some down time!

  6. I can't even imagine an afternoon in the sun by the pool. Heaven. Jealous. Very.