Friday, May 07, 2010

A lovely day

Harry reeeeeeeally wanted Mickey Mouse pancakes for dinner, but the restaurant that makes Mickey Mouse pancakes doesn't serve breakfast for dinner (but they so SHOULD), so I did my best. Harry and Jack consumed more HFCS in one small dinner than they ever have in their entire LIVES.

Also, Harry doesn't like syrup, which is his only non-Buddy-the-Elf quality.

Jack is totally ROCKING the Dora panties still, by the way.

I am off to grade research papers while Jack watches some Dora on demand before we have to go to Harry's swim and ballet lessons. The only reason I can even pop on to post these pictures is because Jack lost his shit at Little Gym this morning. He just sat by door drinking out of his Little Gym water bottle (natch) and saying "Bye bye! Bye bye! BYE BYE!! He even threw his water bottle on the mat and screamed NO! at no particular thing, and a hoard of scarf-wielding toddlers glided over and tried to clean it up.

So we left.

Meaning I have a minute to change the laundry, unpack my gym bag, and check my email-- a minute I was not planning to have, so it feels like a vacation almost. A vacation somewhere cold and damp. We left our windows open this morning (because it was overcast but pleasantly breezy.) When Jack and I came home, it was 57 in our house, and it's pitch black and pouring outside. A lovely day.

Harry noticed the rain on his way into school and screamed joyfully, "Mommy! We can play Play Doh today! You said when it's a rainy day! I love rainy days"


  1. Way to be, H-man! I love rainy days too! Gotta love those unexpected free moments too -- even if a tiny tantrum was the price. :)

  2. have fun play-doh'ing! I love the inexplicable tantrums--they're the best. Enjoy your vacation... ;-)

  3. Tripod2:43 PM

    Is he sick? Or just not in thr LG mood? He's so cute climbiing in hiS "big kid" underwear

  4. Loe the undies!! Yay for bonus free moments!

  5. I'm kind of impressed by Jack's tantrum. At least he knows what he wants :) And the scarf-wielding toddlers made me giggle.