Monday, May 03, 2010

Book Worms

Last night, I put Jack to bed, and while Harry and Ben read stories, I took a shower. As I was shutting off the water, I heard a huge crash and assumed Ben fell down. I laughed a little as I applied layers of non toxic hippy lotion anticipating his tale of woe, but on my way downstairs, I caught movement through the crack of the boys' door. I peered into their room and saw Jack sitting up in bed in a pile of books. As a I watched he yawned, grabbed a Toy Story early reader and flopped down on his tummy to "read."

On my way to bed a couple hours later, I sneaked in with my phone to investigate and take pictures.

The crash was Jack leaning precariously over the edge of his crib and swiping an armful of books from his shelf, knocking many onto the floor and many more into his bed.

This is how he fell asleep

like a plush, snoring doll.

Uploading my phone pics this morning, I found this one of my office that I took last week as I ran out to pick Harry up from preschool.

I also like to live among messy book piles, I guess. Also, wrapping up the semester while prepping for summer and fall? NOT A PRETTY SIGHT.


  1. Hahaha, so cute!! I love finding Charlie asleep in the hallway outside his room surrounded by his books.

    Your office looks like a peaceful sanctuary to me! Good luck with all the wrapup/prep.

  2. Anonymous10:31 AM

    Jackie looks so long in his crib...Is he outgrowing it already?Bomma

  3. Nothing (NOTHING!) makes me happier than kids who fall asleep reading. Elisabeth sleeps with at least 5-6 books crammed next to her pillow and a basket of books by her bed. I love it!!! Julia's not quite ready for books in her bed, but does enjoy demanding that I "seat" by her and read if it looks like I might be starting to do something time consuming.

  4. hahahahah. that is awesome!!! Love the plus, snoring doll!! :)

  5. The doll cracked me up because it almost looked like it was caught in the slats and I was all, "Oh noes! I can haz crib recall for dollie?"

  6. so great!

    We are starting a "fall asleep on your own" rule once he turns 4 y/o and I HOPE I find him sleeping in a pile of books some time soon. I love "snoring, plush doll"

  7. Cute pictures! AJU5 has started wanting me to "read" to her more. Reading means flipping through the pages and letting her identify the pictures. So, I leave one book in bed with her to look at until she is ready to fall asleep.