Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Jack, the kid who is so cute he makes me want more kids. Or at least a puppy

In the picture above, the little jerkface stole my pastry, but he's so cute, I had to forgive him. Also, he cried when I tried to take it back, and then I looked like a fat asshole stealing a pastry from a baby. A grabby baby.

Don't get me wrong, Harry, my privileged and entitled firstborn, is pretty damn cute, too (here he is mid-cavort while putting on a play. When he puts on a play for us, he lines up all his guys on the TV stand while we languish in bed and acts out a dramatic and violent scene with his back to us those whole time. What I am saying is this: if you are considering what to get Harry for his 4th birthday, think about a PUPPET THEATER-- his plays would be more fun for all concerned).

Jack is a huge pain in the ass, to be sure. Yesterday while I was getting dressed for work, he washed his face in the toilet (I was washing my face, and I heard him saying happily "Me, wawa. Me wawa, Mommy" followed by a splashing noise. It took me a minute to realize where he could reach water to splash in. Blech.), colored my bed spread with a blue highlighter, and went in my closet where he pulled every feminine hygiene product out of every purse he could reach.

He will do ANYTHING Harry is doing, even (and especially) if it is something we have just asked Harry NOT TO DO

But he is so happy all the time, it's really hard to get annoyed with him.

He did a nice job of giving me some volume on top here. Forget a Bump It, I'll just put Jack on my shoulders after I do my hair. Maybe I should give him a can of hairspray.

In summation, Harry with a man in a duck suit.


  1. Anonymous10:31 AM

    more kids now, puppies later...Bomma and Huntley

  2. Ditto here. Wes does some seriously annoying things. But then he smiles and I agree to give him the keys to the car or a beer or whatever else he's asking for because he is just so darn cute!

  3. Jack looks so relaxed in the wagon - all chilled out.

    I get that way with AJU5. There are times she melts my heart, but there are also times I want to just run away (when I have had enough). Oh, the joys of toddler-hood!

  4. ohmygosh. They are both so cute.

    I hate when the kids steal my food and I get mad that they've stolen it. Really, Mom? Can't you share? You could live off of one thigh for two months. Geesh.

    I cannot believe how much your kids look like Ben. Doesn't it suck to carry them for nine months and then birth them only to have them pop out resembling everyone except you? That's always been my take with my mini-Adams anyway...

  5. Those chubby cheeks ALMOST make me want another, too. But then I realize I'm *thisclose* to getting to sleep at night again and I rethink it all...

  6. omg, that close up of Jack is presssshhhhhus! The "I'm going to sit right here and think about what I've done," look is priceless.

    and I LOL'd at you trying to steal back your pastry from a grabby baby.