Thursday, April 02, 2009


If you're my Facebook friend, you know how insanely boring my life is because I am always posting status updates to let you know the banal details. Just ate eleventy billion Oreos and feel yucky. Just went to the gym and feel marginally better. Am really bored. You get the drift. And ever since I got an iPhone, I accompany all this witty banter with pictures of my kids doing the darndest things when I'm not watching them, like playing with light sockets and nail trimmers. Don't you wish I was on Twitter?

An Easter Jascket

Really, there's nothing else happening in my life. Harry April Fool'sed me yesterday by saying he had to puke and then after I ran him to the bathroom (impressively speedily) chortling, "April Fool's!" I am really easy to trick.

Jack is delightfully jolly and finally starting to chub up again after his stomach flu.

Ben is now vlogging at, and it's really funny-- check it out.

I am trying to muster the necessary enthusiasm to fix all my footnotes and primary source citations.

Harry and Jack taking Lucy's PowerWheels for a ride. In matching shirts. I CAN'T HELP IT!


  1. Oh, I just haven't updated my status in a while. The new layout makes it easy for me to forget how long it has been (and I have nothing exciting to say either). Although, I am not sure I want to have a very exciting life - it might be too much!

  2. Yeah, my life is THRILLING right now too. Ryan comes home and I'm all "Charlie saw a dog today and said 'CAT!' It was hilarious OMG." It's that bad.

  3. Anonymous11:13 AM

    The grandparents J appear to be keeping the miniature car industry in the kids love it