Thursday, April 23, 2009

Real Estate Rant

Look at the extreme caution and distaste Harry displays while retrieving his ball. He likes playing outside as much as I do.

The other one?

Really liked crawling around in the mud like he was Harry's puppy. Also liked the slide.

And his car. Sort of.

Trying to fly off the slide?

Not the best idea he has ever had

Notice all the mud and the destroyed yard and the Bobcat tracks going up our hill and the missing hunks of sidewalk? Yep. Me too. Know who else noticed them? The really cute, young, pregnant couple and their round little realtor who were looking at the townhouse 4 doors down from us. They smiled and said hi on their way too look at the place but after touring the complex for a few minutes, they beat a hasty retreat and made no eye contact as they were leaving. Awesome.
See, the thing is, we'd really like to sell our house and buy a new one. With another bedroom. A place for all the freaking toys. And extra garage stall for the Power Wheels. A yard big enough for a really ostentatious swing set and a dog I could constantly bitch about.
The mud field that currently surrounds us is not really helping the old curb appeal, you know? Oh! And you know what else isn't helping our upward mobility? THE RECESSION. THE COLLAPSE OF THE HOUSING MARKET. THE BUBBLE THAT BURST ONLY DAYS AFTER WE SETTLED INTO OUR HOME SWET HOME which we outgrew about thirty seconds after that.
Give us your best home buying/ selling tips? Please?

Sorry it's so ranty. Now that I am on hiatus from complaining about my dissertation, I need something else to find fault with. Am I a peach or what?


  1. Ugh, what a pain! My advice, live by a park, don't get a yard. How is that for cynical? :)

  2. I will second Becca that living near a park is awesome because then you don't have to have a perfect yard to play in. But, of course you will wnat to just tell the boys "go outside and play" so having some back yard is nice...

  3. Anonymous9:36 AM

    Just put your house on the market regardless of what is happening in the economy. We put ours on the market in December of 2008. By January 25th, 2009, we had our offer and the house was purchased. Our next door neighbors literally had over 20 random items in their back and front yard and our house still sold. Our backyard was a mudpit and it still sold. Get a good realtor that you trust, have some open houses and stop worrying about the things you can't control. It will happen, I promise!

  4. Cathleen11:00 AM

    First, open houses don't sell your house. They are primarily a way for your realtor to find new clients. If you can break even or actually make money on your house, then it is worth it to try and put it on the market. The reason being is that it is a GREAT time to upgrade and buy a house for far less than it is worth (or going to be worth in a year or so when the market picks up) and you are going to have a lot more equity in that bigger, more expensive house.

    I would look at the comps in your neighborhood. How long are the sitting on the market and what are they selling for? If there is a ton of inventory sitting on the market for less than what you are willing to sell your house for, then it is probably worth it to wait until the market picks up. Plus, I would think with two little kids, it is going to be a huge pain to list your house and keep it clean and decluttered for showings. Just my .02 but Brad is a certified general appraiser, realtor and broker so I like to think i have a qualified opinion!