Sunday, April 19, 2009

Happy Birthday Jack: The Grandparents Edition

For me, the party can be summed up in three pictures


Sweet baby gluttony:

35 pounds of what-do-you-mean-the-majority-of-those-gifts aren't-mine-rage wrapped up in balloons

But there was other stuff, too.
Like favor bags for Harry and Jack and their cousins (who had a nasty stomach flu and couldn't come to the party)

Little Monster cookies

Little Monster cookies wrapped up in bags tied with Little Monster tags

A cake with Little (frosting glop) Monsters

And of course a little monster

and his older brother, the holy freaking terror

Harry spent some serious time being Balloon Man

Jack played with his crown

And was adorably dainty with his smash cake

Although he did put so much frosting in his ear that it made him cry

But he posed for a couple of pictures

Harry tore through his big brother gifts

and opened most of Jack's

He even commandeered Jack's new motorcycle

and called Jack Robin and made him ride on the back

Harry has been doing this thing lately-- he must have his hands wiped every time he touches anything squishy or crummy or slimy. He demands that we wipe him off even when he has a napkin on his lap. He sticks his hands in the air and yells, "Who's going to wipe my hands?" Today, I was a teeny bit annoyed with the constant request, so I wiped his hands. On his face.

Luckily, he liked it.

I had a bad moment after everyone left and Harry fell asleep on the couch and Ben and Jack went grocery shopping and I was all alone in the boys' room cleaning out their closet. Jack has outgrown so many teeny pairs of pants and small shirts. He's getting so big, so sweet.

Replacing Jack's outgrown jeans and polos with rows of Harry's jeans and polos from last year, I was surprisingly sad that this could be the last first birthday party I throw.

A year.

It's gone in a blink.


  1. Anonymous10:44 PM

    thank hyou for sharing the birthday...wish we could have joined you, but it was almost as good as being there...Bomma

  2. Anonymous9:01 AM

    You're right Za - gone in a blink, even from memory! Good thing the pictures and writing persist. Next time you're here, Harry will get a kick out of Molly's Ugly Doll collection! Bet they'll get in a game with them. Boo

  3. How fun! Happy 1st Birthday Jack! I LOVE the little monster theme. The cookies are adorable and look really yummy! Thanks for sharing the day Sarah

  4. You have such creative parties! And I love your green dress! Looks like such a great time. It really is hard to believe isn't it? I'm not sad about not having babies again, I'll be sad when I won't have any toddlers again!

  5. tripod7:59 PM

    Great essay! I sent the pix from my camera today. i hope I did it right!