Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Toddlers-- you have to watch them

 So, it turns out that you have to really watch toddlers. Especially toddlers living in houses with way older kids. I think things in our house were just sort of safer for baby Cooper, for example, because his oldest brother was only 5. We lived in a baby house. By the time Dorothy came along, there were TONS of LEGO, but those were really contained to the big boys' room, and we didn't let her go to there.

No, everywhere I turn, there is something that could kill Minnie in a heartbeat if her caregiver were distracted-- AND SPOILER ALERT: ALL OF US ARE DISTRACTED ALL OF THE TIME.

First of all, Minnie looks like my Grandpa Dick in this picture (but he had a round face and a bald head, and all babies sort of look like that). Second of all, you cannot remove your eye balls from Minnie for even a second when you are outside because she will go in the street.

Her favorite thing to do basically ever is go in Dorothy's room and ransack her nightstand drawer-- which is full of delightful choking hazards that are probably also poisonous.
She also loves to creep into her own room and sit in this chair.
Which seems fine except I can't see her in it from the doorway, so I always have a mini heart attack thinking she is gone.

WHERE WOULD SHE GO? you ask. I don't know. Somewhere dangerous?

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