Friday, October 22, 2021

Family pictures are coming...

 Forget Halloween, fall family pictures are the scariest things we face in October. Will the photoshoot be ruined by PMS? (not looking like it this year, but my cycles are screwed, especially without acupuncture, so WHO KNOWS). Will teenage hormones take us all down (solid MAYBE here, especially since there are more teenagers every year. What a bout a wardrobe malfunction? (THIS COULD HAPPEN-- NONE of the boys has tried anything on and probably won't because we like to be risk takers, you know?) Maybe my double chin will ruin the day but we won't know it until we get the pics back. Maybe we won't be able to contain our grimaces because the kids are being so jerky. THERE ARE SO MANY WAYS IT COULD ALL GO WRONG.

I got this dress and demanded the whole fam work to match me:

Then I got stressed because that seemed impossible because I mean look at that dress (that I am wearing with super neutral purple ankle boots because I AM A GIVER), so I told Ben he was in charge of the boys' lewks. He was like but what should they wear, and I was like I AM GIVING THIS WHOLE TASK TO YOU DO WHJAT YOU LIKE BUT DO NOT INVOLVE ME.

And he majorly rose to the occasion.

We are doing tree farm pics, and he is imagining them all as chic lumberjacks. There is plaid. And also puffy vests.

Meanwhile, Dorothy is wearing this:

And Min has something similar with a fuchsia dress coat. I might wear a blue coat if it's chilly, but I might also just deal because this is a short and sassy dress and slo the boots are a whole thing.

BUT! The star of this post is the outsourcing thing. I need to be able to do this more often-- outsource a whole category of something to Ben and not care about it once it is off my plate. I have *almost* done this with Dorothy and Cooper's winter swim team (but I am the one whose credit card is attached to the portal, so I have to log in to pay for things), and it is brilliant. Because, you guys. When I want to get something off my plate, I want to get it ALL THE WAY OFF, you know? I don't want to still have to direct and manage some aspect of it. I want it ALL GONE. That's why sharing cooking duties, for example, is less helpful when I still have to shop and plan.

Whaat are things that you have been able to offload (to your partner) all the way? I am looking for more ideas.

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  1. OMG YES. To all the things. The family picture stress (I still have no clue what I'm wearing) and to the outsourcing. All I want in all the world is to not have to think about something AT ALL. No helpful suggestions from over here but I'm hoping some of your other readers have ideas I can steal