Monday, October 18, 2021


Have I mentioned that Baby Harry went to homecoming? With a group of guy friends, so that made it easier to swallow (you know, the whole my baby is so big, etc etc etc.) Also, he got a new suit since he will wear it for speech and debate anyway, and he got new sneakers because he will wear those all the time (in theory. But actually? Every time they get any dust on them, he has to buff them for an hour, so maybe not?)

But really, the only reason why I am ok with all of these teenager-y things happening (he is so close to finishing the online portion of driver's ed and getting his temps) is that I have an emotional support baby. Like, some people have babies because they need organs or marrow or something, and we sort of judge that and read Reader's Digest condensed novels about it (true effing story-- I used to LOVE Reader's Digest  condensed novels and flew through them at my grandma's house. They were always about horrible childhood cancers OR people having kids because someone else in their family had horrible cancer, and they needed to grow parts-- like, these themes must have really resonated with Reader's Digest subscribers. I think they made me incredibly nervous about cancer). But! Minnie is my way of not being sad about all of the other milestones. THERE ARE MORE (kidneys) COMING, is what I tell myself.

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  1. We're buying the suit this week! Eli won't use it for Speech and Debate but I'm campaigning for a MIB Halloween costume. Does Harry do the funny walk to avoid creasing his shoes? I think it's this generation's version of the saggy pants walk that boys did when I was in school.