Saturday, October 23, 2021

Holiday prep

 Supply chains BLAH BLAH BLAH. You all know. Stuff is going to be hard to source, so we have to start sourcing it now. So, I mean,. I remain skeptical of this narrative because the big supply chain story hit the national presses the exact day the Amazon holiday catalog came out, but OK. I like to buy things,  and also Hanukkah is right after Thanksgiving, so let's DO THIS THING.


What are you buying your kiddos this year?

I love a good Hanukkah theme night. So far, I am thinking slippers, books, LEGO, dinner table games, subscription boxes, and sibling gift exchange night, but I still need 2 more-- any ideas?

Also, the only things on my list are house related, and cleaning related at that **sad trombone** Basically, I want a robot to do everything I do, task by task. Andrew Yang is all I TOLD YOU SO and all you did was MOCK MY DEMOCRACY DOLLARS.

Bros watching football
Big girl with a big girl snack:

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  1. OMG I do not even know what to buy this year.
    I usually do a photo calendar for the family who don't live near my kids. Haven't even started; usually I'm done by now.
    Four year old girl. Usually gets one big present and then a bunch of smaller ones. I am so stumped this year. And also trying desperately to find a large stuffed Bluey with no luck.
    Thirteen year old boy. No clue. Throw money at him?