Monday, October 25, 2021

Yarn bows, school pictures, and questionable gift reuqests.

 I mean YOU GUYS. Doesn't the title of this post say it all?

Harrison has THRICE asked me for these shoes for Hanukkah, and I have yet to pull the trigger because THESE ARE THE UGLIEST SHOE I HAVE EVER SEEN. But I am sure I had shoes my parents thought were terrible, and I should just buy them, right? WWYD?

Ok but for real: YARN BOWS.
Dorothy and Cooper got to go across the street and take pictures, and they were THRILLED!


  1. Yes, buy them. Remember our hair in the 80s??? :)

  2. Wow. Those are especially awful. But also I'm about to buy Crocs for one of mine's Christmas list and I bought myself a glorified crimper so...