Friday, October 08, 2021

Ugh. Witching Hour

 There is always a point in the afternoon when the kids turn into horrible little jerks, no matter how good they have been up to that point. And, like, every day I am surprised when it happens, which is just silly. Any ideas for what we can do when the boreds destroy our chill vibe? We try to go outside, but rain has foiled these plans the last few days. One day we made a cloud since Cooper was studying clouds anyway. Another day, we did indoor hula-hooping and took turns choosing songs for each other. Both kids have book projects they're working on, so those help. The main issue is that this happens most often during nap time, a time that I am frantically working  and also feel entitled to some "me" time. Other ideas? Kiwico maybe? (literally just paused what I was doing to order a Halloween crate. THAT WILL KILL ONE DAY. I need stuff that's genuinely fun but also does not require me to participate heavily. So, you know, a unicorn.

Whale spout
Lost in a good book:

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  1. Can you find something physical active if the weather is bad? Make it clear it is only for when the weather doesn't allow them to be outside. We use our old xBox Kinect for this (Sports or Adventures). But I know other families that use YouTube videos or other "technology" for that.

    "Challenges" like marble runs out of cardboard or popsicle stick bridges can be fun, but they are also messy...

    I am guessing they don't enjoy board games or they play them all other times?