Tuesday, October 19, 2021


 We didn't even take Minnie to the pumpkin patch this year. How terrible is that? We left her home with Harry one day when she was napping and just took the three middle kids. And! We didn't do any fun fall stuff, either. We just piled a wagon with dirty pumpkins and took them home. WE HAVE NOT EVEN CARVED THEM YET.

I don't know what's wrong with us either. Well, expect for THIS Halloween when we carved our pumpkins way too early and they rotted and looked kind of scary and then just disgusting. So, I guess I do know what's wrong with us.

Also! We are too busy to go anywhere as a family of 7 basically ever. Between kid stuff and nap? FORGET IT.

After the year that Jack selected a 70+ pound pumpkin, the rule is that you can't get one unless you can lift it yourself:

It has been humid every single day since I got bangs, and I am OVER IT. The other day, I said mostly to myself but Dorothy was hanging out with me while I got dressed, "I wish I could go back to the exact second when I got bangs and not get them." And she said so sincerely, "Oh, mom. I wish that for you, too."
No problem lifting these suckers:

Even with 2 kids at home, I still have a lot of kids. If you had told high school me that I would be a mom of 5, she wouldn't have believed you. 
College Ben would have been pretty creeped out, too.

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