Thursday, October 21, 2021

I might just be having babies for the TODDLERS.

 Oh, toddlers. My very favorite kind of person. I mean look at Minnie: she is still fully a baby with all of the perfect parts of being a baby (so sweet! so fragrant! so squishy! so dimpled!) but she is also a fully formed human who can talk and understand words and laugh at jokes and make jokes, etc)

Here she is hiding
And showing herself:
Just standing around eating a cup
It's the pigtails here that really get me:

But, I mean, toddlers poop like real people only in their pants, and also they do gross stuff with their toothbrushes, so it's not all sunshine and roses.
Clearly she is SO BIG
Also, clearly she is a Very Serious Artist. (So serious, in fact, that we are about to buy our THIRD effing easel because apparently we got rid of the other 2 because we are so dumb).
I sometimes buy her clothes from the boy side of Carter's because it is cuter over there.

This is her silly face
She is so helpful


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