Thursday, October 14, 2021

Thursday House and Thursday Mood

Kelsey at Rising Shining wrote a great post about Thursday House that really resonated with me. I realized that not only does my house sort of fall apart by the end of the week, so, too, does my mood, my whole mindset. I am ready for a couple of days to veg and do nothing and catch up on housework, but I still have to slog through 2 more days of doing all the things. This morning, Ben even thought that today was Saturday.

So, I did my very best to banish the Thursdays by:

  • Doing a quick tidy of bedrooms with Pledge and the vacuum as well as a very bleachy bathroom wipe-down.
  • Baking some banana muffins to weed out old fruit and make the house smell great.
  • Walking for an hour with a friend
  • Waking with the kids during nap
  • Doing the crappiest tasks on my work to-do list first
  • Laying off the coffee before I got the shakes
  • Appreciating my very toddliest of toddlers.
Ok, I do that last one every day.

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