Tuesday, October 26, 2021

Homework sucks


I hate the time it takes. I hate that I still have to check in and supervise it. I hate the the district's learning management system sends me updates about homework they didn't do. I hate that Google classroom emails me about their homework. I hate that after activities they barely make it home for dinner and then they have HOMEWORK. GAH.

And OF COURSE the boys are doing the work themselves because trig? NO THANKS. AP MATH CHEM? NOT FOR ME. 8th grade algebra? I mean, listen, I can help with that of it doesn't involve too much graphing, but like those other classes, I HAVE ALREADY DONE THAT IN THIS LIFE AND I WOULD LIKE TO PASS, PLEASE.

But still. They need someone to remind them to do it. And then maybe someone to also remind them to literally hit the turn it in button on Google classroom. And then maybe someone to send them an angry text because that someone just got a push notification that they did not actually hit the effing button.

Homework becomes ANOTHER THING on my plate, and I think my plate is full, actually.

Maybe I need a bigger plate?

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