Thursday, September 30, 2021

September: 2 stars; do not recommend


Virtual school limped off to a... limpy... start, and we have just now hit the wall where Cooper does no work and whines all day. Meanwhile there are ZERO cases at their elementary school, and I feel like we made a dumb choice.

My semester is about 50% rougher than usual to start. I am optimistic that most of these issues will resolve themselves as we all get our sea legs, but who knows.

Extracurriculars have started back up with a vengeance, and we are just so out of practice at being busy that we have a hard time with all the coming and going and pick up and drop off. And of course the fear that someone will get sick doing whatever they're doing adds an extra layer of crappy.

Minnie has been sleeping terribly after months of sleeping great, and I feel like a total zombie. At the same time, harry and Jack stay up as late as Ben and I do, so then Ben and I try to stay up even later so we can hang out AND PLUS ALSO I get up early to exercise and maaaaaaaaybe work a little before the day begins.

We started working at work again, and that's also very hard when you are used to working at home. We have to leave the house SO DAMN EARLY. For the most part both of us enjoy it when we get there, but there are lots of moving pieces.

This has been a month of new routines and new adjustments, and even though it's been an actual month, I still feel like we are just easing in. Cheers to a new month, pumpkin everything, fall cheer, babies in plush Halloween costumes, etc.

Even more popular than slime? FIGHTING ABOUT SLIME.
She's been eating roasted squash at every meal.
Cutest fall cake pop
Look at the mess Dorothy made between the time I tucked her in and the time I checked on her before I went to bed:
Minnie and I are loving adding layers to our favorite summer dresses these first early fall days:

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  1. Kids staying up as late as us really was a big adjustment.