Sunday, September 12, 2021

We pulled off the sweetest little surprise...

...surprise PARTY that is-- for Cooper's birthday.

He thought he was just taking a walk with me and Minnie and Jack while Ben,. Harry, and Dorothy ran a fish-tank-related errand. But really Ben and Harry and Dorothy were corralling 15 kids at the school playground so when the rest of us walked by, everyone could jump out and yell surprise. AND BOY WAS HE. (Dorothy was happily playing with a couple of friends on the school playground because she is a leaker and couldn't be trusted to even walk across the street in a way that wouldn't inadvertently or not spoil the party).

I saw all the kids before they said surprise, Cooper told me. But my brain needed a second to catch up.
A whiffle ball party!
With giant cupcakes
Minnie was a fan, too.



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