Thursday, September 30, 2021

Healthy eating reset?

 I am writing this AS I AM EATING a handful of M&Ms. And not my first handful.


My eating habits were so great but they have sloooowly started to go to total hell.

New month, new routines, though, right? RIGHT? Right.

So. A few things that will help:

1. BIGGER BREAKFAST. I have been eating one piece of peanut butter toast and about 6 cups of black coffee. The peanut butter is a step in the right direction, but I need more protein, WATER, and some fruit

2. MORE WATER. I was doing so well at this and drinking a gallon a day, but my habits have lapsed, and I am struggling to drink my water bottle more than twice. Ideally, I would be refilling it 4 times. (The gallon bottle always laying around really lost its charm, but maybe I can drag it out.

3. PACK MY LUNCH. Lunchtime is hectic, and packing a salad the night before even if I am just going to eat it in my own kitchen is for sure what I should be doing.


5. TEA FIRST AT NIGHT. I love my spicy nighttime tea, but I have stopped making it for myself, falling, instead, face-first into some cheese or ice cream. I need to drink tea first and go from there.

The biggest thing I need to keep in mind is that taste is just the tip of the ice berg. I need to think about how food makes me feel after I have eaten it. Lately I feel... not good after my junk food indulgences.

Yay for a month of healthy eating capped off with an obscene Halloween candy binge, huh? Bring it, October.

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  1. I like these - doable small changes. I am trying to do nighttime tea too. Thanks so much for writing your blog.