Monday, September 27, 2021

Family movie Fridays! The return!

 OK. Family movie Friday is baaaaaaaaaaaack, and I for one am loving it.

Even though we have 2 big couches AND a recliner in the basement, everyone was fighting over furniture like a bunch of a-holes, so I went to At Home (OMG I love that store so much) and bought 4 giant floor pillows. PROBLEM SOLVED. HA.

I also took Corey's advice and outsourced the food and movie planning to the family. We each get a week and on that week, we have to pick the movie, dinner, and snacks. Then the person who got to pick picks who goes next. We are only 2 weeks in and so far Ben delighted everyone with ET, pizza from the golf course restaurant, and the full weekly Crumbl menu. Then Cooper selected Tommy Boy, pizza from an old favorite place (Ben and I got salads because we are old), and DQ ice cream cake. Dorothy is up this week, and she is excitedly pondering her options-- and has been since the moment the Tommy Boy credits rolled,

Friday nights are something we all look forward to!



  1. Ice cream cake! That is BRILLIANT!
    I love watching all the thought go in to movie nights. We did Edward Scissorhands this week and now there's much discussion about whether we should all try for Halloween movies or maybe do another streak and stick with Johnny Depp...

  2. Ooooh! We take turns picking movies in a rotation, but I hadn't thought about outsourcing the snacks portion...we typically just pull together a snack board for the kids out of whatever's in the pantry and the grownups have some type of snack, too. But that's a good idea...