Tuesday, September 21, 2021

Walking Baby Who Walks

Same video posted in 2 places, so don't think I have 2 videos here LOL 

I hope I never forget her little babbling, lip smacking, arm waving walk-- so much so that I put this video on both YouTube AND Blogger.

With the new leap has come BAD SLEEP, which is always harder to deal with when you have been experiencing GOOD SLEEP. But! She is so stinking adorable walking around shorter than the kitchen table (seriously, she just cruises right underneath it) that I don't even care that we're zombies, and that she is a tiny tornado throwing stuff off shelves and leaving chaos in her wake.

Also, let's talk eating pickles:

And crawling up the stairs:

(I am always delighted when I come upon old videos of the other kids, so I want to sprinkle them like breadcrumbs here)


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