Wednesday, September 08, 2021

Routines? Someday again?

 Wish we were still here:

Transitions are tough for me. I am like that toddler who is always tantruming on the ground when it's time to leave the sensory bin and move to the art corner. I fall so in love with my routines, I can't even imagine changing them. Can anyone relate??

But ay season that includes PUMPKIN CREAM on cold brew is a good one (seriously this is the best drink in the world)
I know we WILL get into a groove, but, um, WHEN?

(Patience has never been my virtue I guess).

Today in addition to TRYING NOT TO DROWN we are also prepping birthday magic for Cooper, who is going to have to wait until dinner to open his presents-- UNHEARD OF in our house-- because Ben goes to work E A R L Y (remember that thing from Before Times called a commute? So retro).

Also, I have been loathe to do this for my entire time as a mom, but I have started putting in 2 extra hours of work post-bedtime AND PLUS ALSO getting up pre-6 am. While I really need this to happen for sanity and work reasons and also to make sure I get a workout as Minnie's schedule changes, it is cutting down on my nightly veg time. To buy even more free minutes, I am never on social media anymore. WHO EVEN AM I??

(One problem I am having is that Minnie can like smell when I am setting an early alarm and wakes up-- this morning at 4 am. And even though I usually don't get her in the night anymore, I ran in and fed her, thinking it would buy me more work time later, and it did because she slept until 6:45, but I HAVE BEEN UP SINCE 4 (mostly pretending to sleep until 5:40. I am sure we will work out the kinks in my early mornings right around the time we have to SET OUR CLOCKS BACK FML).


(paint, more hooks, relocation of hats to this bench of my grandma's and relocation of all of our shoes to shelves in the garage)

Ok, guys. My baby is making screamy sounds at me-- wish me luck. I should have down time again in about 15 hours.

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