Wednesday, September 22, 2021

Inadvertent Slow Down

 Ok, first things first: you need these PJ pants. THEY ARE HEAVEN. I am worried I will wear them outside the house which would be terrible because they are SO UGLY. But wow. The most comfortable pajamas ever.

We have had an unexpectedly low key week because of 2 bummer things:

1. Harry has pericarditis-- no effusion, but a week of chest pain and exhaustion. He told us he was having chest pains on Thursday night. We saw the cardiologist on Friday, and he stayed home Friday and every day this week so far. He feels better and is going to try school tomorrow, but he plans to call for a ride home by lunchtime if he is feeling bad. SO. He has been home to help with Minnie, which has been great and turns out is something I really missed these past weeks. And also, he couldn't start tennis, so we decided to wait until next month when a new session starts to fold that into our schedules.

2. Someone on Cooper's swim team has covid. The person came to practice a week ago (with no symptoms), got sick Friday last week, and had a positive test on Monday, which is when the club reached out to the rest of the team-- RIGHT AS WE WERE LEAVING FOR PRACTICE. The coach said that according to the county none of the kids was a close contact (HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE-- THEY SWIM WITHOUT MASKS), so practice was on like normal. We decided, though, to keep both kids out all week just to make sure no one else gets sick. SO. No swimming-- also a bonus in terms of business. (But Cooper really missed it.

ALSO! No dive this week because there's something wrong with the indoor pool where the kids dive-- it has also caused the swim schedule to be a mess.

So, we are busy, but not as busy as I feared we'd be.

Minnie has also enjoyed having Harry home

I did a mini LEGO challenge with Cooper, where I gave him a bag of LEGO and asked him to use every piece to build a vehicle and there he was like 8 FREAKING MINUTES LATER.
Having a snack. Like you do.
I love my new glasses, but she might have worn them better.
The sweetest sisters:
Picture day for this handsome kid

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