Thursday, September 02, 2021


 Oh, poor Cooper you guys. Good thing he will probably look cool with a scar because he had a terrible bike accident riding home from the pool on Tuesday. Ben and I were starting to prep dinner when Jack called, sounding quite concerned, to tell us that Cooper ran face first into a golf ball-washing station and was bleeding all over the place.

Ben stopped snapping green beans and went to pick them up.

He called me to say I should bring a wet towel and a big glass of water outside and he was calling the pediatrician's office.

When I saw Cooper, he was dripping with blood from his eyebrows to his toes, and he couldn't even talk-- that's how swollen his raw hamburger lips were. "Don't overreact," he mumbled at me. I made a small noise when I saw his bloody face, and he burst into loud tears. It was an under-reaction on my part, I assure you.

He still had pebbles in his mouth, and he left a trail of sand everywhere.

It's never a great time to go to a children's hospital ED, but during a global pandemic? Probably the most not good time. Still, if you have to, go with a kid holding a bloody towel to his face will get you in a room pretty quick.

After checking my make sure his jaw and knee weren't broken (!!!!!), the doctor stitched him up and send him home groggy from pain meds. We gave him a bath very gingerly (he drank a milkshake for dinner on the way home) and put him to bed. (I almost killed him by getting him a straw to drink his Tylenol-- a metal straw that had something dried up all gross in it which he almost sucked down his throat, but then we put him to bed). He had instructions from the ED doc not to brush his teeth, which was cool.

Buuuuuuut, he can't go swimming for a week, and the pool closes in 6 days. **sad trombone**

before stitches:
The scene of the accident (Harry snapped a pic on his way home from work)

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  1. Oh man. Poor buddy. I'm so glad he's ok! I hate bike accidents.