Friday, September 03, 2021

School Update

 Even though I faced EXTREME ANXIETY about it, I had basically resigned myself to sending all 4 older kids back to school. Ben and I are back to school, and we didn't have any other options in our district. I sent a few emails to neighboring districts with virtual programs (not available for open enrollment even though they were under-enrolled), and I emailed a couple of public charters open to all WI students (but I have an ethical beef with charter schools, so my heart wasn't in it in terms of follow-up, etc). We got haircuts. Bought back packs. Bought shoes and school clothes and new magnets and carrying cases for their Planet Boxes. Purchased school supplies AND took them to school.

And then.

On FRIDAY our district offered a virtual option for 4k-5th grade.

At first, I felt unsure. SO MUCH EXCITEMENT and SO MUCH PREPARATION. And then I felt sad. Sad for Dorothy and Cooper and their expectations for the school year. And sad for me. I have been so looking forward to having space in my own head.

But! I KNEW that I didn't want to send unvaccinated kids back to school, and I was just doing it because there was nothing else to do. AND NOW THERE IS SOMETHING ELSE. More than that, the district announcing this option made me remember that I always had an option.

I don't think that for us sending unvaccinated kids to school makes sense.

Bad news: the program is really unorganized and doesn't start for 2 more weeks (it is not entirely clear if there is staff even yet). So. It's going to be a bit of a scramble. (UNDERSTATEMENT OF THE CENTURY).

I feel SO MUCH BETTER, and I have stopped doomscrolling entirely.

Here's Harry's first day! (I am writing this post in advance, and Jack hasn't gone back yet) (And to be clear, they are both vaccinated and wearing N95 masks. Risky still, but I feel like vaccinated is a clear standard for back-to-school).




  1. Anonymous9:44 AM

    To be clear, I am not asking to be argumentative or judgy or anything like that; I'm genuinely curious and you seem to be an intelligent reasonable person so I'm hoping to get your perspective . . . . If both your older kids are vaccinated, why are you so concerned about sending them to school?

    1. I am not as concerned about them. But I didn't want to send the little kids who aren't vaccinated.

    2. I am not as concerned about them. But I didn't want to send the little kids who aren't vaccinated.

  2. Last minute virtual elementary ed must be so tough. But I can hear your relief, and am relieved for you and your little ones. My partner had Covid in May 2020 from his stint at the height of the NYC medic shortage and has heart and lung issue to this day. I just can't take Covid exposure lightly.

  3. Anonymous12:47 PM

    Got it. I misunderstood which kids were doing home/virtual school. Thank you for response. :)