Friday, September 24, 2021

Next week

 I am going to be kinder to future Sarah.

Present Sarah is really effing tired at night (and last night, she had a period so terrible she wanted an epidural), but! (And now I am going to stop with the third person). When I can spend 15 minutes-- or even a half an hour-- prepping my next day, everything goes better≥

This can be as simple as getting the kids' school stuff out and making sure the coffee is ready to go and all the dishes in the sink have been put away. I I can also sort the next day's laundry and get a load ready to go in the washer, soap, and bleach and all, so all I have to do is push a button, EVEN BETTER.

Making sure everyone has a lunch packed is next-level awesome. I want the kids to do this while I clean up dinner, but it doesn't always happen. I also like to pac my own lunch even when I am home at lunchtime because it is hectic enough getting hungry Minnie a bite to eat-- I don't always have time to make myself something healthy.

Making Dorothy and Cooper a checklist for the enrichment work they do alongside their regular school work is REALLY GOOD.

Last week, I even made a freaking lasagna from total scratch (except the noodles) while watching TV.

Bonus: All of this activity means I have less time to sit on the couch and shove things in my face hole. TOTAL WIN.


This outfit

This terrible picture at dance

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