Saturday, October 26, 2019

New Goal: Take MORE Pictures During the Week

I feel like lately, we do all of the fun stuff on the weekend, and I spend the whole week talking about it.  Then, when I come here to post something, I have like 3 pictures of my lunch.

Like this week, where crappy  food pics dominate:

(I have done the thing I never thought I would do, and I have tied eating dessert to eating your veggies at dinner, which I think is a flawed plan for a number of reasons, but OH MY GOSH THE KIDS HAVE BEEN REFUSING THEIR VEGGIES.  Except for Jack, who actually likes them.  So now, everyone gets a serving, and they can eat them or not, but they can't have dessert unless they do, and it's working. Cooper is the most stubborn about it, and he is just like oh well, screw dessert, Brussels sprouts will never touch my lips.)

Behold my desperate crudites flower:
 Chicken apple sausage with spinach sauteed in ghee, a baked sweet potato, and all of the fall fruit.
 Mt new obsession: red beans and rice with sweet potatoes and assorted other toppings:
 A RACINE KRINGLE OH MY GOD SO GOOD.  Ben had to go to Racine for a work thing, and I texted him URGENT, so he called me all freaked out and I was like BRING HOME A KRINGLE and then he said I need to rethink my definition of urgent, but I ask you: DO I??
Here are other weekday things that apparently rose to the level of photo-worthy:

The view from my office on a dreary day.  To be honest, I love dreary fall days when the trees are still leafy.
A few awesome Madison Moms on the news
 Harrison's English timeline project about his life:
 Beatrix going to get a bath:

 Dorothy's before-school dance party:

 Beatrix getting picked up from her bath:
 Beatrix exhausted from her bath:

 Aaaaand another before-school dance party:
 Plus!  Sampling the Halloween candy and also circling toys in the Target holiday catalog.

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